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Friday, 5 January 2018

Early Morning Fishing
A couple of local volunteer fireman Phil & Brian from Matarangi on a dawn breaker fish off Kuaotunu catching some nice Snapper 23rd November 2017.... Note both rods with fish on!

Monday, 22 August 2016

When the weather turns it on we must go wide
Well that's the theory, last Wednesday my traditional golf day was traded for going wide looking for Hapuka
Shirvani & I closed the office been such a special occasion and launched at 9am beautiful and clam!
as we cruised past Otama the South East wind emerged more than forecast suggested...a bit choppy
with a 1m swell... so we continued! Well we had to take a slow trip because it was more like rough seas ....
Not to spoil the trip we kept to the north of Red Mercury and fished for Snapper, plenty of wipper snappers but none worthy of keeping. Lunch was nice and so was the scenery, actually if you haven't been there you should!
On the way back we detoured to Home Bay on Great Mercury Island for some more sight seeing.
If you cruise into the shallows of the Harbour there you will see the most amazing houses and Hobbit like hills

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Just shows how often i get out for a fish looking at my entries! Must be working to much.
Nothing like a MID WINTER FISH especially staying out through the change of light in the evening
launched off Kuaotunu and found an ol favorite reef that has been good in the past.
With two of us on board we got 13 good sized keepers one short as we upped our size above the legal 30cm
A few nice fat kelpies around 45cm were a treat to bring in especially on light tackle, No broom sticks and winches here!
Navigating back to the ramp in dark is pretty simple, don't get it wrong. I have a lowrance elite which shows your track so it easy to stay on course plus it pays to know the lights on the land (street lamps and houses) when close just shine the dolphin spot light on the markers on the hill and line it up with the one on the ramp ... get close and a right angle left... Its as easy as that!
Oh and rug up as it was bloody freezing and worth it.

Friday, 25 July 2014

12th July
If I could only do what Rueben does then I might be able to bring home a bag full of woppa Snapper the biggest tipping the scales at 12.38kg that's 27 pound! Well done, When asked where did you get these fish... out there!
24th July
Well yesterday was a pearlier a frosty start to a calm morning with a flat sea, so thinking if I sneaked over the bar for a evening fish I would get lucky.
I was buzzed by a couple of Dolphins surging to the surface right on dusk and with plenty of splashes around me under the torch light to my surprise was some foot long Piper cruising. I was feeling lucky...
A few Snapper later I decided it was time to come home but one should never delete your tracking on the GPS makes it very hard to navigate under the Stars & with no Moon out, just as well I had way marked Opera Point and a few channel markers, taking it slowly I made it back to the ramp! .......Dinner was delicious.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Its been a while! A Fishing Reports that is
Maybe it is because the GTS doesn't swim too good, well now that I have a new vessel Haines Hunter 600SF more adventures are to be had.
Last Sunday the forecast was for 5 knots variable & no swell armed with a full tank of gas and totes for back up My Son and I took off to a few likely Hapuka pinnacles at the back of Cuvier Island.

The Harbour was smooth and sea had just a little ripple but as we passed Mercury Island a deeper 2 meter swell emerged and 10 plus knots. We spotted Dolphins on the way and were even buzzed by a few flying fish...exciting stuff!
Not deterred by the conditions we sat in a sheltered spot in behind Cuvier for a early morning Snapper fish, nothing too big the first we gifted back was a 36cm. The Snapper here were a deeper red more a kelpy fish... after throwing back many little whipper snappers we had a few keepers on board for dinner.

As we headed out to deeper water about 90m the sounder had nice signs on the bottom near a 35m rise, so we anchored on top of this sucker with great anticipation.
I used a 12oz sinker thinking this should be just the ticket but the current was super fast, the wind was up and the swell was rocking us around, not the pleasant image I had in mind the night before. Up Anchor with only one big grand daddy on board.

We fished more around Cuvier, such a beautiful Island! Now with loads of activity on the sounder and plenty of fish been hauled up we decided to take nothing under 35cm for the bin.

All contented we headed back with the Sleeping Giant in our sights as our guide home.
Just as we got into more sheltered waters in behind Mercury Island but still out wide the sea became a mill pond and the swell diminished to nothing.... we spotted a few boil ups in about 50m of water so we dropped the lines over for final drift fish. There appeared to be acres of these quick rush boil ups, one snapper i pulled up regurgitated a small sardine so I guessed that was what the bait fish were but couldn't get close enough to see what was chasing them on the surface.
The snapper here were certainly a lighter red liked to run so we ended up with just a few more for the bin.

Overall a good day out but no target species to take home....... will leave that for another crisp day over Winter!